Name Correction Request

Terms and Conditions

  • Airline allows us to do any modifications in name for only upto 3 characters .
  • There should not be any changes in the Name Pronunciation.
    Example1 : Prateek | Can be Done : Pratik | Cannot be Done : Pradeep
  • Happyfares will communicate your request with the respective airline on your behalf. Regardless of any circumstances, the final decision  regarding Name Correction will be of the Airlines

Note: Our Support team requires minimum 48 hours to act upon your raised request.

Not Allowed
Entered Name
Changed Name

Akash Dutta

Prakash Dutta

Mr. Arup Singh

Mr. Swarup Singh

Mr. Bikash Sharma

Mr. Bikash Singh

Entered Name
Changed Name

Deepak Mishra

Dipak Misra

Mr. Aditi Singh

Mrs. Aditi Sing

Mr. Bikash Sharma

Mr. Vikash Sharma