Travelogy India | Our mission is to make Air Travel accessible for Every One

HappyFares and Its Parent Company Travelogy India

empower and enables travelers & Travel Agents to seamlessly book flight tickets, a hassle-free alternative to the confusing sites that make a mockery out of simple traveling. The aim of happyfares team is to carve a name for itself on which one can rely for booking flight tickets flawlessly under 30 seconds, and at the same time our visitors Saves Few Bucks on every booking is our another goal. For that, our back-end and R&D team works smartly and tirelessly. The booking module we offer ensures that our visitors get exactly what we are always committing. We at happyfares believe that simplicity is always better than complexity, and thinking big and delivering highly scaled businesses is critical to our future.

In Travelogy India We use updated technology for getting the best rates possible for every search.

Happyfare and Travelogy are intelligent, AI-Based travel that helps users book, organize and save money on their trip. We know the unequivocal importance of booking tickets on time at the cheapest possible fare for our customers. With our back-end team’s machine learning algorithms, we grab the most amazing deals online for our regular and new customers.

Address :

Travelogy India, 1st Floor, Krine Vista, Bylane 3 , G.S.Road, Krine Vista, Ananda Nagar, Guwahati, Assam 781005

Our business has quite standard procedures to follow.

To those who are new on our website, it’s to be notified that our focus is also on the ease of booking online.The design of the user interface of our website is fast, responsive, easy to operate, loads quite quickly. You would now never miss out on the most amazing deals online. We aim to cater to your official and leisure travelling needs with every single click or minute you spend on our site.

Our website’s recommendation engine will suggest you best rates and flights.

We work on the recommendation engine continuously. Thus, at Travelogy, you will always get the best prices for the flights you purchased. This is one of the catchy features we are developing towards perfect each day. We Keep Customers at the Centre of everything we do. Give us a Shout for any assistance on new or existing bookings, and we will get into action immediately because we are wherever you are.

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